A Website Won’t Sell You and That’s Just Fine

I recently talked to a brand new Real Estate Agent who was telling me that after she did the research, she didn’t think having a website was important. She told me that not many agents she talked to were getting traction with their websites and therefore she didn’t need it.

She completely missed the point of a website.

According to National Association of Realtors, ninety percent of real estate transactions start on the Internet. Therefore, before she even begins, she is handicapping her business. Effectively she’s slamming the door on nine out of every ten clients she can potentially serve, simply by not having a presence.

Your website isn’t for traction, it is to prove you are a legitimate business and to help sell you when you aren’t selling yourself. Years ago, if your business wanted to be seen as legitimate, you needed a yellow pages listing. The twenty-first century version is a website.

Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore. We have Google. In our hands, at the touch of a screen, we can pull information about anything we want to know about in the world. It’s foolish for any Real Estate Agent to assume that the client isn’t going to research you both before and after your meeting with them.

The question then becomes, what do they find about you?

It is essential you can be found on Google. Both your name and your phone number should be readily available for a search. It’s about building creditability. Either you control what your client finds with a website or you leave to chance what your client finds about you.

Too often, Real Estate Agents, especially new agents, think they can make a sale with a single conversation. Unfortunately that is not how sales work. Sales always take time. People want to think about everything.

Consider for a second, my conversation with the new agent. She asked me for references for my marketing services. It didn’t matter that it was her friend and mentor who referred her to me. It did not matter that her mentor has tripled her business over the past year, using my services. She still wanted more information.

The irony was not lost on me, when I provided references in the form of links to my LinkedIn page, Google reviews, and a series of websites explaining my services in greater detail. I waited to see if she would catch on.

The conversation ended, she thanked me for the information and told me she would be checking out my websites and would get back to me at a later date.

As a Real Estate Agent, your website may never gain traction or even sell a single house for you. But not having a website absolutely insures your chances of selling a house are about ninety percent less.