Jarred Talmadge, Real Estate's Social Media ExpertJarred Talmadge is a Social Media Marketing Consultant and Trainer.  He specializes in working with Small Business Owners from all over the world, improve their social media marketing, so they actually can make money from social media.

Internationally published Author and Speaker, his book "How to Build Real Estate Leads with Facebook is available now on Amazon.com.  

He is the President of Talmadge Marketing Group in Denver, Colorado.  Jarred is available for speaking engagements, live classes and keynote speeches.  

Currently he is teaching and writing a book about his proprietary marketing system he has developed and teaches about LinkedIn.  

Jarred graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master's of Business Administration.  He has been a Faculty Instructor for Chicago Title and he's been a instructor for Canyon Title since 2014.  He has taught classes from 5 to 500.  He currently has clients all over the world from England to America, to Australia.  

He lives in Denver Colorado.  Click here to contact him.