The Signature Consulting packages are the best of my consulting packages.  The Beginner's Social Media Package is for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders who are looking to add at least $20,000 in revenue* in the next twelve months using Facebook and Email marketing.
The Beginner's Social Media package is for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders who are looking to create a stream of new business from their existing database, while adding new potential clients with Facebook.  
This program creates consistency with Facebook using the business page and combining that with newsletters designed to build rapport and relationships.
Previous clients have gotten deals as early as the same week, although this is the exception to the rule.  Most clients start to see tangible results at four to five months.
The more actively engaged with Facebook, the faster the results will come.  This program is dependent on the client spending the time networking and building connections on Facebook and consistently increasing their Facebook likes.


This package includes:

65 prewritten posts a month for Facebook, including sales posts
($199/month value)

Two Newsletters a month written and delivered for you, from your account
($199/month value)


Facebook Business Page Setup
($197 value)

1-on-1 Training, How to Maximize your Facebook Business Page
($99 value) 

1-on-1 Training, Facebook Content and How to Post
($99 value)

1-on-1 Database Management Training
($99 value)

1-on-1 Newsletter training
($99 value)



The monthly cost of maintenance and delivery is $299 per month.  No contract is required, but it is recommended that the client view this is a one-year commitment for maximum results.

Price Guarantee:  Talmadge Marketing Group's policy is to guarantee the price of the package as long as you maintain on-time payments.  The package price will be maintained, as long as you keep the account active.  You may cancel at any time, by contacting Talmadge Marketing Group directly.  Just click here.  






*This is an estimate of the average return a client gets, when they use the Signature Beginner's Social Media package for a full 12 months.  This is not a guarantee.  No marketing is guaranteed.  Any income claims made by my students, friends, or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way.  Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgement when making buying decisions and investments for your business.