The Signature Consulting packages are the best of my consulting packages. The Managed Facebook package is for any Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Lender who is looking to add at least $20,000 in revenue* in the next 12 months using Facebook Marketing.

This program creates a consistent presence on Facebook, without you having to be present for any of it. With this package, our Social Media Managers will actively manage your Facebook business account for you.

This package creates consistency on Facebook while maintaining your true voice rather than sounding like a managed service. The secret to our service is people. We employ actual Social Media Managers to watch over your Facebook account.

This package includes:

  1. Our staff will completely manage your Facebook Business page for you.

  2. Our staff will post at least 65 times per month on your Facebook Business Page.

  3. Every tenth post will be a soft selling post, reminding your clients who you are and what you do.

  4. This package includes concierge services. Our staff will notify you when you need to take action on your account. This could be anything from responding to an inquiry, to answering questions, to following up with a client because they have requested it. Our concierge is your eyes and ears on Facebook.

  5. We will set up and maximize your Facebook Business page.

  6. In addition, this package also includes a one-on-one training in how to create Facebook ads.

Previous clients have gotten deals as early as the same week, although this is the exception to the rule.  Most clients start to see tangible results at four to five months.
The more actively engaged with Facebook, the faster the results will come.  This program is dependent on the client spending the time networking and building connections on Facebook and consistently increasing their Facebook likes.

This package is specifically for people who want a Facebook Business presence, but don’t have time to manage their page themselves. Having an active Facebook page is now becoming an essential part of the social media landscape. This is a solution for the active Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Lender.


The monthly cost of maintenance and delivery is $499 per month.  No contract is required, but it is recommended that the client view this is a one-year commitment for maximum results.

Note:  Please note this program requires at least a three-month commitment.  If you cancel before three moths, you agree to pay for the full three months.  By clicking to sign up you agree that you shall owe the fee for the full three months.  You also acknowledge in small claims court that you will owe the balance plus court fees to Talmadge Marketing Group. 

Price Guarantee:  Talmadge Marketing Group's policy is to guarantee the price of the package as long as you maintain on-time payments.  The package price will be maintained, as long as you keep the account active.  You may cancel at any time, by contacting Talmadge Marketing Group directly.  Just click here.