Social media is simply the first step in your sales process. Forget all the hype you have heard about Facebook, when it comes down to it, the goal of Facebook is to get your clients to contact you, outside of Facebook.

Creating a business page for Facebook is a great start, but what do you fill it with? How do you get consistent? How do you stay consistent?


Our Facebook Content Service will allow you to be omnipresent on Facebook, even when you aren’t. For businesses, Facebook is the ultimate drip campaign. It’s where all your clients congregate, with the average Facebook user visiting the site upwards of 15 times a day.


All social media is designed to engage the users in conversation. Your goal is to be omnipresent when your client decides now is the time they are thinking about the service you offer.


The Facebook Content Service provides you with 60 written posts a month, plus five bonus posts. Even your sales messages are written for you. All you have to do, is copy and paste into your update status and schedule the posts.


We’ve already cracked the code to how often you need to put up a sales message on your business page and we’ve already done it for you.


The biggest mistake people make with Facebook is they think their business page should be all about their business. Nothing could be further from the truth. When a customer ‘likes’ your business page, your have just been handed the keys to the kingdom. You have permission to advertise to them. But, no one goes to Facebook to be sold anything, so you have to do it in such a way, that the customer doesn’t realize you are advertising to them.


The Facebook Content Service provides posts on a range of topics. The posts are designed to be engaging with clients, while reminding them who you are and what you do, without being overtly salesy.


The result, the client starts to repeatedly see your name and what you do. Even if no one is liking, commenting, or sharing, they are seeing your posts. Further the posts are written by actual people, so you never have ‘canned’ looking posts, like other services.


How it works: Content is delivered in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Content for the upcoming month is always delivered on the 27th of the month, ahead of the coming month. Just copy, paste, and schedule.


The Facebook Content Service will make sure you are consistent with your Facebook marketing and it will only take you an hour a month.