The Signature Consulting packages are the best of my consulting packages. The LinkedIn Package is designed to build connections and establish expertise within your business field, utilizing LinkedIn’s publishing platform and ability to distribute information.
The LinkedIn Package focuses on creating business with LinkedIn through connections, education, and information.
Where most people fall down on LinkedIn is their ability to tell their own story. This package allows the client to fully tell their own story, by embracing professional storytelling with the option of adding Talmadge Marketing Group’s proprietary newsletters and the fully produced professional podcasts monthly for an additional charge.

This package includes:

  1. A complete interview with the client to understand their story and their journey, which we then turn into a robust customer facing LinkedIn profile.

  2. We revise and edit all the sections of the client’s LinkedIn profile, including rewriting of the features, skills, endorsements, education, jobs and the summary sections.

  3. Since LinkedIn is all about the connections, we create a customized targeting strategy, which we present to the client for follow up.

  4. Included in the targeting strategy, we include eight customized introduction letters, so you can connect with anyone and have a ready-to-go letter for you to connect.

  5. Included with the content package, we will create up to six different original content articles, based on the client’s already existing or provided marketing materials. Content will be rewritten into story format, for sharing as blog posts.

  6. We will write a compelling About the Author section.

  7. Podcasting. As part of this package, we will produce, with the assistance of the client, up to six professional podcasts for distribution through social media.   Podcasts can be up to 20 minutes.

  8. For the podcasting, we will also employ a professional voice over artist to record the introduction and the exit.

  9. Talmadge Marketing Group will produce all podcasts and deliver them in finished MP3 format to the clients. Talmadge Marketing Group can also conduct an interview or series of interviews that can be used to create podcasts. These can be distributed through social media, Internet marketing or on CD and/or flash drives.

  10. To host the audio podcast, we will create a blog for our clients. This will require an outside source to host the audio recordings. (For details, just ask)

  11. Finally, With the ongoing add on, this package includes twice monthly newsletters using Talmadge Marketing Group’s proprietary Newsletter program. Letters are written in the style of Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story, with soft selling at the end. While normal newsletters for the industry get about 12% open rate, our letters receive 25 to 35% open rates of greater.


 Additional Monthly Option:

 This package comes with an ongoing option of adding newsletters and additional podcast production. The additional program includes:

  1. The product of 4 additional podcasts a month, professionally produced, up to 20 minutes each.

  2. Talmadge Marketing Group’s proprietary newsletter program, which tells marketing stories to remind people who you are and what, you do, with a soft sell at the end. The accepted open rate for emails sent from Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders is 12%, our newsletters regularly attain a 25 to 35% open rate.



The fee for set up is $5000.  The Ongoing Option is available for an additional $299 a month, starting at month two. The Ongoing Option includes professional production of up to 4 additional podcasts