“Discover an EASY Way To Stay in Touch With Your Clients, Entertain Them at The Same Time While Encouraging Them to Only Work With YOU!” 

My ‘Done-For-You’ Newsletter Marketing Service Sends Out a Newsletter Twice a Month—From YOU— To YOUR Clients and Prospects So You Can Spend More Time With Clients!


Dear Agent:


Jarred Talmadge here. I was a Real Estate Agent and I am a Social Media Marketing Consultant.  I've spend a lot of time not only teaching agents how to market effectively and use social media but on how to get more clients and listings and “streamline” the process so that you can have more time for the things you enjoy in life.

Let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day and you can only do so much. Staying in touch with clients is hard in any business—especially in a boom time when most of your time is spent with active clients who need your services now. 


The Cold Hard Facts….


Here’s something you may or may not know: 88% of Real Estate Agents, according to the National Association of Realtors, never follow up with their potential clients past the first time.  88%!!!!  


That means most Real Estate Agents will call someone once, forget about them, and then go on to someone else.  Of course we know it takes 8 to 10 times longer to convince someone that doesn’t know you, to work with you and remember most sales are made after the 7th call. 


Let’s face it, people are tired of receiving salespeople’s emails telling them how great they are as a Real Estate Agent, insurance salesperson, or any other business. No one particularly cares when you send out market updates. They just don’t. Especially if they aren’t thinking about buying or selling today.


So what is a Real Estate Agent supposed to do, to keep in touch?


The Solution!


In a nutshell, my “Done-for-You Newsletter for Real Estate Agents” service.  This is a service where I send out a newsletter for you.  You don’t have to do anything except answer the emails and phone calls of clients from your list that may have forgotten about you if you hadn’t followed up with them.


Wouldn't it be cool if you could free up just one task, outsource it, so to speak, so that you can spend more time with clients?


What would it be like if you could have another “salesperson” working for you? One that doesn’t cost a lot but that brings in BIG returns for you? I bet you’d say, “Heck yeah!!” 


Well, that’s what a newsletter does for you. It’s a “salesperson in print”. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send one out to clients twice a month? But it is something that they actually look forward to and read??? A newsletter that has YOUR marketing message subtly embedded in it? 


Oh No! Not Another Boring Newsletter or E-zine…


I know. I can almost hear the audible groans coming from a lot of you right now. You're probably saying (or thinking), “Here’s another newsletter with boring information that my clients will see and send directly to the delete file. It won’t even get opened….”


Wrong-o sir/Madame!  My newsletters get opened and read! In fact, did you know that the industry average for email “opens” in the real estate industry on average is around 13%?   My clients get on average 23 to 50% open rate in the first 24 hours after sending.  That’s how engaging my newsletters are!


AND there’s no hard sell. In fact, there is barely any selling at all. Instead, we remind people who you are and what you do, by telling a story. People love stories, particularly interesting ones.


My Little “Secret”…


So, what makes my newsletters different? One little thing:  my stories are interesting, intriguing, and entertaining. (My clients call it 'the Talmadge twist.')  Also, I put a sales message at the end of each one so that there is no mistaking to a client who do to business with when it comes to real estate needs. YOU!


How It Works…


Basically, I do everything for you.  Initially there are just a couple things I need from you:


-   Your contact list, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. It has to be three columns, first name, last name, and email address.


-  A 30-minute conversation to talk about what your image at the top of the newsletter is going to look like. It can be anything and we can discuss that. But it usually identifies your newsletter and has a nice picture. 


-  A picture of you and/or your team.


-  Your contact information and an email address where you want the newsletters to come from.


I’ll send the newsletters out twice a month on the 1st and 15th of each month. A couple of days before each, you will get a copy of your email, sent to you via email for your information. That way, you know what the newsletter says before it goes out.


Remember in this process, I'm invisible. Your clients will assume you wrote the story and that’s just fine with me. YOU get the credit for the creativity of the story and for being so “novel” in your approach to keeping in touch.  


Caveat: You CANNOT post this anywhere else, including on social media. I am effectively selling you a license to use it, not to own it. Please don’t post stories on the Internet. Doing so will cause me to cancel your account.


Ok, What’s It Cost?


What would you pay for a service like this? A service that allows you to keep in regular contact with your clients, with virtually no effort on your part? What would that be worth to you even if it only produced one extra closing? 


In Denver, where Jarred lives, it’s more like $380,000. The commission on a Denver property? $11,400! That’s just ONE closing! 


Ok, I'm not going to charge you the cost of one closing. Not even half that. The price for my “Done-for-You Newsletter for Real Estate Agents” service is only $199.00 per month. If you had even one closing in the Denver market (based on the $11,400 commission) you’d pay for the cost of the service for an entire year and have made $10,266 in profit!  And the good news?   There is no contract or monthly minimum. You can cancel at any time.  But we’re sure you won’t want to. Some of my clients have been with me for this service alone since 2013! That’s how effective this is.



So, there you have it.  You get a twice-monthly newsletter that is unique, novel and has a sales message built right in to remind your client that YOU are the agent/broker to use for real estate deals.  And you don’t have to do anything!  I simply bill you on a monthly basis.  ORDER NOW!!!


To Your Success,




P.S.  To view a sample of the newsletters, click here.