The Signature Consulting packages are the best of my consulting packages. The Podcasting Package is for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders who are looking to supercharge their business with the latest in marketing combined with high quality productions.

Podcasting allows you to effectively create your own ‘Internet Radio Show’ which establishes creditability and builds status using Internet Marketing to reach the world. Personally using this package, I have created tens of thousands of dollars in sales this year alone.

This package includes:

For the Podcast package, Talmadge Marketing Group will assist you in the creation of a professional quality podcast for distribution through your social media channels. From creating artwork for your ‘album cover’ to the internal coding of your podcast so it can be found, to the creation and editing of the audio content, your podcast will stand out.

  1. Our professional podcasting package includes the creation of up to 10 individual podcasts, up to twenty minutes long per podcast.

  2. We will contract a professional Voice Over Artist to record a beginning and exit bumpers for your podcast.  At the end, you keep the recordings.  They are yours to distribute freely.

  3. You can record yourself using our directions for sound quality or we can be present to record the podcast for/with you.

  4. We can interview you for a single podcast or a series of podcasts.

  5. We will edit the audio as necessary.

  6. Sound equalize and assemble the podcast.

  7. Optimize the format.

  8. Creation of a blog platform, to host your podcasts.

  9. Setting you up 1-on-1 with Libsyn (required to host podcasts, outside cost $5/Month)

  10. Set up and automate distribution of your podcast to iTunes.

  11. Integrate your blog/podcast site with Social Media for easy distribution.

  12. Set up subscription services.

    Options and Costs:

    There are three options to choose from.  A stand alone option, an option for podcasting & hosting, and an ongoing option.  Here is what you get for the three options:

    Option One:  Stand Alone Podcasting  $5,000.00, no further costs.
    This option covers all items outlined in the list (12 items).  As the stand alone option, you must host your podcast on your own.  Distribution to social media is included as outlined.  This price covers up to 10 podcasts.  

    Option Two: Monthly Podcasting and Hosting  $5,000 start up and $299 a month
    This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to create ongoing podcasting.  This package covers everything option one covers, plus ongoing production of up to an additional 4 podcasts a month, up to 20 minutes each.  This package also includes the setup, design, and maintenance of a stand alone blog site to host your podcasts.  There are no contracts with this package, you can cancel anytime.