Talmadge Marketing Group has several refund policies in place, depending on the product or service provided.

Facebook Content Service:  

The standard Facebook content product does not have a contractual obligation, and therefore there will be no refunds issued on the product.  Should a client choose to pre-pay for a year of Facebook Content Service, Talmadge Marketing Group will be willing to refund 100% of the cost, if done within the first 30 days after signing up and no consulting services were received as part of the purchase.  If consultation service were provided, the cost will be refunded less $150 per hour for consultation fees, and only within the first 30 days.  After thirty days, no further refunds will be offered, since our product is time and consulting based, and can not be returned.  If there is any concern that the client may not want a full year service, it is highly recommended that they purchase a monthly package.  If you wish to cancel ongoing Facebook content service, just email us here and let us know you want to cancel and we will be in touch.


Consulting Services:  

Since Consulting Services are time based, no refunds are offered.  


Website Hosting Services:  

Website Hosting Services are provided on a monthly basis to clients, on a client by client basis. Since you are effectively buying server space, there will be no refunds issued.  


Lead Generation Packages and Special Project Packages:  

Both of these programs are customized specifically for the client.  50% is due to start the package and is considered an non-refundable deposit.  Should the client decide before the completion of the project, that they do not wish to continue, they can notify Talmadge Marketing Group in writing, and they agree to forfeit the deposit, but will not be required to fulfill the contract.  Upon delivery of the custom package, the invoice will be due and payable and no further refunds will be offered.