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Jarred Talmadge: Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #1842043
For 25 years, I've been Helping Real Estate Agents market their businesses.

Now, As a mortgage Loan originator, I'd like to offer you Coaching and marketing Advice for fREE.
What's in it for you: Marketing advice to help you improve your business, with absolutely no strings attached.

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What People Are Saying:
Jarred is a marketing genius when it comes to Real Estate and maximizing your exposure to the right clients! I'm thrilled to have worked with him for over two years and he has helped triple my business in the past year. So thankful for all his hard work and dedication.
- Sara B, CO
My best advice is talk to Jarred ASAP, but do not implement anything into your business until you prepared to get slaughtered with new business. I worked on his recommendations for 3 weeks and have gotten so many new applications I had to shut it down until I could hire more staff. In my 15 years of experience I have never been this busy.  Thank you for what you do Jarred. You are a true maven! 
- Michelle B, CO
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Jarred Talmadge, MBA, NMLS #1842043
Mortgage Loan Originator
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